CindyGL Tutorial

You want to learn how to program applets as in our CindyGL-gallery? We will introduce how such applets can be created from scratch.

Starting with Live-Coding

We recommend starting starting with basic CindyScript and the colorplot command by following our live coding tutorial.

Creating Applets with CindyGL

Once you have learned CindyScript basics and are familiar with the colorplot command, you are ready to create your HTML applets.

Reading and Writing Textures

In the third part of the tutorial you will learn how to read from textures or the webcam and how to write to textures. You will also generate applications that use feedback loops. The tutorial includes some live-coding.

GPGPU computations

Since CindyGL accelerates code on the GPU, it can also be used for browser-based GPGPU computations. In the fourth part of the tutorial we will use texture feedback loops to compute the Game of Life and simulate a reaction diffusion system on the GPU.

Rendering 3D Scenes

Here we will render a simple interactive three-dimensional scene using the colorplot. The tutorial includes some live-coding.

You want to learn more? You can look at the source code of several applets in the CindyGL-gallery or in the CindyGL-examples included in the repository.