Alphabetical Function Index

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!‹bool›Logical not
(…)Round parentheses (…)
[…]Square brackets […]
[…]Creating Lists
{"key" : val, ...}Creating a simple dictionary
{…}Curly braces {…}
|‹number›,‹number›|The distance operator
|‹vec1›,‹vec2›|Calculating the distance between two vectors
|‹number›|The absolute value operator
|‹vec›|Calculating the length of a vector
|…|Vertical bars |…|
‹expr›⁢‹expr›The multiplication operator
‹expr1› != ‹expr2›Testing inequality
‹expr›−‹expr›The subtraction operator
‹expr›∕‹number›The division operator
‹list1› ∖ ‹list2›Removing elements from lists
‹list1› ∩ ‹list2›Intersection of lists
‹list1› ∪ ‹list2›Concatenation of lists
‹expr›∶‹number›The division operator
‹expr›⋅‹expr›The multiplication operator
#Local Variables: The # Variable
‹bool1› % ‹bool2›Logical or
‹bool1› & ‹bool2›Logical and
‹fun›(‹args…›) := _Undefining functions
‹fun›(‹args…›) := ‹expr›Defining Functions
‹expr›*‹expr›The multiplication operator
‹list1› ++ ‹list2›Concatenation of lists
‹shape1›++‹shape2›Union of shapes
‹expr›+‹expr›The addition operator
‹string1› + ‹string2›String concatenation
‹list1› -- ‹list2›Removing elements from lists
‹shape1›--‹shape2›Difference of shapes
‹expr›-‹expr›The subtraction operator
‹int1›..‹int2›Creating an integer sequence
‹dict›.nameAccessing Elements of Lists
‹expr›/‹number›The division operator
‹var› := ‹expr›Deferred evaluation
‹list› :> ‹expr›Appending an element
‹expr› <: ‹list›Prepending an element
‹expr1› <= ‹expr2›Less than or equal
‹expr1› < ‹expr2›Less than
‹expr1› == ‹expr2›Testing equality
‹expr1› >= ‹expr2›Greater than or equal
‹expr1› > ‹expr2›Greater than
‹expr›^‹expr›The power operator
‹list›_‹int› = ‹exp›Modifying Lists
‹dict›_‹var›Dynamically accessing Elements of Lists
‹list›_‹int›Accessing Elements of Lists
‹string›_‹int›Index operator
‹expr1› ~!= ‹expr2›Noticably different
‹expr1› ~<= ‹expr2›Less or approximately equal
‹expr1› ~< ‹expr2›Noticably less
‹expr1› ~= ‹expr2›Approximately equal
‹expr1› ~>= ‹expr2›Greater or approximately equal
‹expr1› ~> ‹expr2›Noticably greater
‹list1› ~~ ‹list2›Intersection of lists
‹shape1›~~‹shape2›Intersection of shapes
‹number›°The degree operator
‹expr›·‹expr›The multiplication operator
‹expr›÷‹number›The division operator
‹number›Uniformly distributed random real number between 0 and ‹number›
‹number›Uniformly distributed random integer number between 0 and ‹number›
abs(‹expr›)Absolute value
addcindy3dprintui(‹meshfilename›)Adding the print UI
addcindy3dprintuitubes(‹meshfilename›, ‹computetubepointsfunction, ‹numtubepointsstring›, ‹radiusstring›, ‹tubeclosed›)Adding the print UI
addcindyglprintui(‹meshfilename›, ‹updatepreviewcdyglarguments›)Adding the print UI
addforce(‹mass›,‹vec›)Applying a force
adj(‹matrix›)Adjunct of a square matrix
algorithm(‹geo›)Algorithm of an element
allcircles()All circles of the construction
allcircles(‹geo›)All circles incident to a geometric object
allconics()All conics of the construction
allconics(‹geo›)All conics incident to a geometric object
allelements()All elements of the construction
allelements(‹geo›)All elements incident to a given one
alllines()All lines of the construction
alllines(‹geo›)All lines incident to a geometric object
allmasses()All masses of the construction
allmasses(‹geo›)All masses incident to a geometric object
allpoints()All points of the construction
allpoints(‹geo›)All points incident to a geometric object
allsegments()All segments of the construction
allsegments(‹geo›)All segments incident to a geometric object
allsprings()All springs of the construction
allsprings(‹geo›)All springs incident to a geometric object
alpha(‹number›)Set opacity
amsdata()Getting raw AMS data
and(‹bool1›,‹bool2›)Logical and
append(‹list›,‹expr›)Appending an element
apply(‹dict›,‹expr›)Applying an expression
apply(‹list›,‹expr›)Applying an expression
apply(‹dict›,‹var›,‹expr›)Applying an expression
apply(‹list›,‹var›,‹expr›)Applying an expression
apply(‹dict›,‹varVal›, ‹varKey›,‹expr›)Applying an expression
arccos(‹expr›)Inverse trigonometric cosine function
arcsin(‹expr›)Inverse trigonometric sine function
arctan(‹expr›)Inverse trigonometric tangent function
arctan2(‹vec›)Angle of a vector
arctan2(‹number›)Argument of a complex number
arctan2(‹expr1›,‹expr2›)Angle of a vector
area(‹point1›,‹point2›,‹point3›)The area of a triangle
assert(‹bool›,‹expr›)Conditional print
attribute(‹geo›,‹string›)Read a user attribute
attribute(‹geo›,‹string1›,‹string2›)Set a user attribute
autoclearlayer(‹int›,‹boolean›)Automatic clearing of layers
blue(‹number›)Blue colors
calibratedamsdata()Getting calibrated AMS data
candisplay(‹string›)Test whether a string can be displayed
canvas(‹pos›,‹imagename›,‹drawing code›)Painting on a canvas with one reference point
canvas(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›,‹drawing code›)Painting on a canvas with two reference points
canvas(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›,‹drawing code›)Painting on a canvas with three reference points
ceil(‹expr›)Smallest integer greater than or equal
check()Tell the CBE to read this widget's current score
circle(‹point›,‹radius›)A circular shape
clear()Clear all variables
clear(‹var›)Clear a specific variable
clearconsole()Clearing the console
clearimage(‹imagename›)Erasing an image
clearlayer(‹int›)Clearing a layer
clip(‹shape›)Set clippath
closeconnection(‹handle›)Close a TCP connection
closefile(‹file›)Print to a file
clrscr()Remove all drawings in a layer
color(‹colorvec›)Set color
colorplot(‹expr›)Creating a colorplot on the entire drawing canvas colorplot(‹expr›)
colorplot(‹imagename›,‹expr›)Creating a colorplot on a canvas with no reference points
colorplot(‹expr›,‹vec›,‹vec›)Creating a colorplot on a rectangular area
colorplot(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›,‹expr›)Creating a colorplot on a canvas with two reference points
column(‹matrix›,‹int›)Columns of a matrix
columnmatrix(‹vector›)Converting a vector to a column matrix
combinations(‹list›, ‹int›)Combinations
common(‹list1›,‹list2›)Intersection of lists
complex(‹point›)Points to complex numbers
concat(‹list1›,‹list2›)Concatenation of lists
conjugate(‹expr›)Conjugate of a complex number
connect(‹list›)Connect the dots
consecutive(‹list›)Creating a chain
contains(‹list›,‹expr›)Testing for containment
continuefromhere()Creating a continuity checkpoint
convexhull3d(‹list of vectors›)Computing a convex hull in 3D
cos(‹expr›)Trigonometric cosine function
create(‹string›,‹list2›)Creating a geometric element with no given name
create(‹list1›,‹string›,‹list2›)Creating a geometric element
createimage(‹imagename›,‹int›,‹int›)Creating a custom image
createpoint(‹string›,‹pos›)Creating a free point
createtool(‹string›,‹int›,‹int›)Creating a custom toolbar
createtool(‹list›,‹int›,‹int›)Creating a custom toolbar
createvar(‹varname›)Creating variables
cross(‹vec1›,‹vec2›)The cross product of two points
crossratio(‹vec›,‹vec›,‹vec›,‹vec›)Cross ratio of four points or lines
crossratio(‹numb›,‹numb›,‹numb›,‹numb›)Cross ratio of four numbers
cycle(‹list›)Creating a cycle
d(‹function›,‹var›)Calculating a derivative
date()Accessing date
det(‹matrix›)Determinant of a square matrix
det(‹vec1›,‹vec2›,‹vec3›)The determinant of three points
dict()Creating a new
dict(‹modif1›,‹modif2›,…)Constructing a dict using modifiers
dictDeprecated dict
directproduct(‹list1›,‹list2›)Creating the direct product of two lists
dist(‹vec1›,‹vec2›)Calculating distances
draw(‹shape›)Draw a shape
draw(‹expr›,‹expr›)Drawing segments
drawall(‹list›)Drawing lists of objects
drawarc(‹point1›,‹point2›,‹point3›)Drawing circular arc
drawcircle(‹point›,‹radius›)Drawing circles
drawcurves(‹vec›,‹list›)Curve drawing of physics magnitudes
drawfield(‹expr›)Drawing a vector field
drawfieldcomplex(‹expr›)Drawing a complex vector field
drawforces()Drawing a force field
drawforces(‹mass›)Drawing the force field of a point
drawimage(‹pos›,‹imagename›)Drawing an image
drawimage(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›)Drawing an image
drawimage(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›)Drawing an image
drawimage(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›)Drawing an image
drawpoly(‹list›)Draw a polygon
drawprintpreview()Drawing the print preview
drawtable(‹vec›,‹list›)Drawing tables
drawtext(‹vec›,‹expr›)Drawing Text
eigenvalues(‹matrix›)Eigenvalues of a square matrix
eigenvectors(‹matrix›)Eigenvectors of a square matrix
element(‹string›)Getting an element by name
elementsatmouse()Elements close to the mouse
err(‹expr›)Printing text
eval(‹expr›,‹modif1›,‹modif2›,…)Forcing evaluation
exp(‹expr›)Exponential function
falseRandom boolean value true or false
fill(‹shape›)Fill a shape
fillarc(‹point1›,‹point2›,‹point3›)Filling circular arcs
fillcircle(‹point›,‹radius›)Filling circles
fillplot(‹expr›)Plotting integral-like effects
fillplot(‹expr1›,‹expr2›)Plotting integral like effects
fillpoly(‹list›)Fill a polygon
flatten(‹list›)Flattening a nested list lists
floor(‹expr›)Largest integer less than or equal
flush(‹handle›)Flush output to a TCP port
fontfamilies()Available font families
forall(‹list›,‹expr›)The forall loop
forall(‹dict›,‹expr›)The forall loop
forall(‹list›,‹expr›)The forall loop
forall(‹list›,‹var›,‹expr›)The forall loop
forall(‹dict›,‹var›,‹expr›)The forall loop
forall(‹list›,‹var›,‹expr›)The forall loop
force(‹vector›)Probing particle forces
format(‹number›,‹int›)Formating a number to a specified precision
gauss(‹number›)Complex numbers to points
geotype(‹list›)The type of an object
get(‹dict›,‹expr›)Retrieving a value
getmaxscore()Getting the maximum possible score of the widget from the CBE
getscore()Getting the current score
gray(‹number›)Gray colors
green(‹number›)Green colors
greset()Clear the appearance stack
greset()Resetting the graphics state
grestore()Pop elements from the appearance stack
grestore()Restoring the graphics state
gsave()Push elements on the appearance stack
gsave()Storing the graphics state
guess(‹number›)Guessing the value of a real number
guess(‹number›)Guessing a good representation of a number
halfplane(‹line›,‹point›)A half-plane shape
hermiteanproduct(‹vec1›,‹vec2›)The Hermitian scalar product
hue(‹number›)Rainbow colors
if(‹bool›,‹expr›)The conditional operator
if(‹bool›,‹expr1›,‹expr2›)The conditional branch operator
im(‹expr›)Imaginary part of a complex number
imagergb(‹imagename›,‹int›,‹int›)Getting pixel data
imagergb(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›,‹pos›)Picking the color of one point using two reference points
imagergba(‹imagename›,‹int›,‹int›)Getting pixel data
imagergba(‹pos›,‹pos›,‹imagename›,‹pos›)Picking the color and alpha value of one point using two reference points
imagesize(‹imagename›)Getting dimensions of an image
import(‹string›)Importing program code
incidences(‹geo›)Incidences of an object
indexof(‹string1›,‹string2›)Searching for occurrence
indexof(‹string1›,‹string2›,‹int›)Searching for occurrence
initleapmotion()Initializing the Leap Motion controller
initxrcindy3d(), initxrcindygl()Initializing WebXR for Cindy3D or CindyGL
inputs(‹geo›)Input elements of an element
inspect(‹geo›)List all inspectable properties
inspect(‹geo›,‹string›)Accessing an inspectable property
inspect(‹geo›,‹string›,‹data›)Setting an inspectable property
instrument(‹int›)Choose an instrument
instrumentnames()Getting available instruments
inverse(‹matrix›)Inverse of a square matrix
isbouncer(‹expr›)Is a bouncer
iscircle(‹expr›)Is a circle
iscomplex(‹expr›)Is a complex number
isconic(‹expr›)Is a conic
iseven(‹expr›)Is even
isgeometric(‹expr›)Is a geometric element
isinteger(‹expr›)Is an integer
iskeydown(‹int›)Is a certain key pressed
isline(‹expr›)Is a line
islist(‹expr›)Is a list
ismass(‹expr›)Is a mass
ismatrix(‹expr›)Is a matrix
isnumbermatrix(‹expr›)Is a number matrix
isnumbervector(‹expr›)Is a number vector
isodd(‹expr›)Is odd
ispoint(‹expr›)Is a point
isreal(‹expr›)Is a real number
isselected(‹expr›)Is selected
isspring(‹expr›)Is a spring
isstring(‹expr›)Is a string
issun(‹expr›)Is a sun
isundefined(‹expr›)Is undefined
javascript(‹string›)Calling javascript
join(‹point1›,‹point2›)Joining two points
key()Key input
keydownlist()List of all pressed keys
keys(‹var›)Handles to key variables of objects
keys(‹dict›)Retrieving all keys and values of a dictionary
layer(‹int›)Setting the drawing layer
length(‹list›)The length of a list
length(‹string›)Length of a string
line(‹vec›)Declaring lines
linearsolve(‹matrix›,‹vector›)Solving a linear equation
linearsolve(‹matrix›,‹matrix›)Solving a linear equation
linecolor(‹colorvec›)Set line color
linereflect(‹line›)Reflection in a line
linesize(‹number›)Set line size
load(‹string›)Loading data
load(‹string›,‹expr›)Loading data asynchroneously
load(‹string›,‹var›,‹expr›)Loading data asynchroneously
locusdata(‹locus›)Points on a locus
log(‹expr›)Natural logarithm
map(‹point1›,‹point3›,‹point5›,‹point2›, ‹point4›,‹point6›)Affine transformation
map(‹point1›,‹point3›,‹point5›,‹point7›, ‹point2›,‹point4›,‹point6›,‹point8›)Projective transformation
mapgrid(‹expr›)Mapping a rectangular grid
mapimage(‹imagename›,‹function›)Deforming an image
matrixrowcolum(‹matrix›)Dimensions of a matrix
max(‹list›)The maximum operator
max(‹list›,‹expr›)The maximum operator
max(‹list›,‹var›,‹expr›)The maximum operator
meet(‹line1›,‹line2›)Intersection of two lines
message(‹expr›)Output a status message
midiaddtrack(‹list›)Adding a track to the sequencer
midichannel(‹int›)Choose a channel
midicontrol(‹int›,‹int›)Setting a controller of a channel
midiposition()Requesting the position of the sequencer
midiposition(‹real›)Setting the position of the sequencer
midispeed()Requesting the speed of the sequencer
midispeed(‹real›)Setting the speed of the sequencer
midistart()Start the sequencer
midistop()Stop the sequencer
midivolume(‹real›)Setting the volume of a channel
min(‹list›)The minimum operator
min(‹list›,‹expr›)The minimum operator
min(‹list›,‹var›,‹expr›)The minimum operator
mincostmatching(‹matrix›)Finding a minimal cost matching
mouse()Mouse position
mover()Who has moved
moveto(‹geo›,‹pos›)Moving a Free Element
multiid()Getting the current multi-id
multiidlist()Obtain a list of all active touch events
not(‹bool›)Logical not
openconnection(‹string›,‹int›)Open a TCP port
openfile(‹string›)Opening a file
openurl(‹string›)Opening a web page
or(‹bool1›,‹bool2›)Logical or
pairs(‹list›)Building pairs
parallel(‹point›,‹line›)Calculating a parallel
parallel(‹line›,‹point›)Calculating a parallel
parse(‹string›)Parsing a string
parseCSV(‹string›)Parsing a CSV string
pauseanimation()Pausing the animation
perpendicular(‹list›)Calculating an orthogonal vector
perpendicular(‹point›,‹line›)Calculating an orthogonal line
perpendicular(‹line›,‹point›)Calculating an orthogonal line
playanimation()Starting the animation
playfrequency(‹real›)Playing a tone of specified frequency
playfunction(‹funct›)Playing sample defined by a function
playmelody(‹list›)Playing a melody
playsin(‹real›)Playing a periodic signal defined by overtones
playtone(‹int›)Playing a tone
playwave(‹list›)Playing sample defined by a list
plot(‹expr›)Plotting a Function
plot(‹expr›,‹var›)Plotting a Function
point(‹vec›)Declaring points
pointcolor(‹colorvec›)Set point color
pointreflect(‹point›)Reflection in a point
pointsize(‹number›)Set point size
polygon(‹list›)A polygonal shape
prepend(‹expr›,‹list›)Prepending an element
print(‹expr›)Printing text
print(‹file›,‹string›)Print to a file
print(‹handle›,‹string›)Write to a TCP connection
println()Printing a newline
println(‹expr›)Printing text
println(‹file›,‹string›)Println to a file
println(‹handle›,‹string›)Write to a TCP connection
product(‹list›)The product operator
product(‹list›,‹expr›)The product operator
product(‹list›,‹var›,‹expr›)The product operator
put(‹dict›,‹expr1›,‹expr2›)Adding a mapping
random()Uniformly distributed random real number between 0 and 1
random(‹number›)Uniformly distributed random real number between 0 and ‹number›
randombool()Random boolean value true or false
randomint(‹number›)Uniformly distributed random integer number between 0 and ‹number›
randomnormal()(0,1)-normally distributed random number
re(‹expr›)Real part of a complex number
readln(‹handle›)Read from a TCP connection
red(‹number›)Red colors
regional(‹name1›,‹name2›,…)Creating many local variables for a function
remove(‹list1›,‹list2›)Removing elements from lists
removeelement(‹geo›)Removing a geometric element
removeimage(‹imagename›)Removing an image
removetool(‹string›)Removing a tool from a custom toolbar
removetools()Removing all custom toolbars
removevar(‹varname›)Destroying variables
repaint()Forcing a repaint operation
repaint(‹real›)Forcing a delayed repaint operation
repeat(‹number›,‹expr›)The repeat loop
repeat(‹number›,‹var›,‹expr›)The repeat loop
replace(‹string›,‹list›)Replacing in strings
replace(‹string1›,‹string2›,‹string3›)Replacing in strings
resetclock()Resetting the internal seconds
reverse(‹list›)Reversing a list
roots(‹list›)Roots of a polynomial
rotate(‹real›)Rotating the coordinate system
round(‹expr›)Rounded value
row(‹matrix›,‹int›)Rows of a matrix
rowmatrix(‹vector›)Converting a vector to a row matrix
savecsgmesh(‹meshfilename›)Saving a triangle mesh of a Cindy3D scene
saveisomeshtofile(‹meshfilename›, ‹F›, ‹dF›, ‹isovalue›, ‹radius›)Saving a triangle mesh of an iso surface
saveisomeshtofile(‹meshfilename›, ‹F›, ‹dF›, ‹isovalue›, ‹origin›, ‹dx›, ‹nx›)Saving a triangle mesh of an iso surface
savetubemesh(‹meshfilename›, ‹tubepoints›, ‹tuberadius›, ‹tubeclosed›)Saving a triangle mesh of a tube
scale(‹real›)Scaling the coordinate system
screen()The shape of the screen
screenbounds()Determining screen bounds
screenresolution()Determining screen resolution
seedrandom(‹number›)Initialize the random generator
select(‹list›,‹boolexpr›)Selecting elements of a list
select(‹list›,‹boolexpr›)Selecting elements of a list
select(‹list›,‹var›,‹boolexpr›)Selecting elements of a list
select(‹list›,‹var›,‹boolexpr›)Selecting elements of a list
set(‹list›)Sets from lists
setbasis(‹basis›)Relating to a projective basis
setbasis(‹vec1›)Relating to a translation basis
setbasis(‹vec1›,‹vec2›)Relating to a similarity basis
setbasis(‹vec1›,‹vec2›,‹vec3›)Relating to an affine basis
setbasis(‹vec1›,‹vec2›,‹vec3›,‹vec4›)Relating to a projective basis
setdirectory(‹string›)Setting the directory
setforce(‹mass›,‹vec›)Applying a force
setmaxscore(‹newmaxscore›)Setting the current max score
setscore(‹newscore›)Setting the current score
simulation()The simulation environment
simulationtime()Accessing the timestamp of a simulation
sin(‹expr›)Trigonometric sine function
sort(‹list›)Sorting a list
sort(‹list›, ‹expr›)Sorting a list
sort(‹list›, ‹var›, ‹expr›)Sorting a list
sqrt(‹expr›)Square root
stopanimation()Stopping the animation
stopsound()Stopping sampled audio
stoptone(‹int›)Stopping a tone
submatrix(‹matrix›,‹int1›,‹int2›)Extracting a submatrix of a matrix
substring(‹string›,‹int1›,‹int2›)Extracting a substring
sum(‹list›)The summation operator
sum(‹list›,‹expr›)The summation operator
sum(‹list›,‹var›,‹expr›)The summation operator
take(‹dict›,‹var›)Dynamically accessing Elements of Lists
take(‹list›,‹int›)Accessing Elements of Lists
tan(‹expr›)Trigonometric tangent function
text(‹expr›)Conversion to string
textcolor(‹colorvec›)Set text color
textsize(‹number›)Set text size
time()Accessing time
tokenize(‹string›,‹expr›)Dissecting a string
translate(‹list›)Translating the coordinate system
transpose(‹matrix›)Transposing a matrix
trigger(‹bool›,‹expr›)The trigger operator
triples(‹list›)Building triples
trueRandom boolean value true or false
unicode(‹string›)Unicode Characters
updatepreviewcdy3d()Updating the print preview
updatepreviewcdygl(‹F›, ‹dF›, ‹isovalue›, ‹radius›)Updating the print preview
updatepreviewcdygl(‹F›, ‹dF›, ‹isovalue›, ‹origin›, ‹dx›, ‹nx›)Updating the print preview
updatepreviewtubes()Updating the print preview
values(‹dict›)Retrieving all keys and values of a dictionary
version()Version information
wait(‹real›)Pause the script for a specified time
while(‹bool›,‹expr›)The while loop
xor(‹bool1›,‹bool2›)Logical exclusive or
zeromatrix(‹int1›,‹int2›)Creating a zero matrix
zerovector(‹int›)Creating a zero vector